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Comprehensive car repairs and prompt warrant of fitness service available at your local Christchurch Garage – We are open Monday to Saturday!

The experienced Christchurch mechanics at JT Automotive provide complete garage facilities for WOFs, servicing and all mechanical and auto electrical repairs. Based in Riccarton, JT Automotive is a busy garage with regular customers from Sockburn, Hornby, Ilam and Sydenham. The friendly team welcomes cars, utes and small trucks or all makes and models.

JT Automotive provides private Car Owners and Commercial Fleets the following services:

JT Automotive is based in Riccarton and has a busy garage which is home to regular customers from Sockburn, Sydenham, Ilam and Hornby. We provide an experienced set of hands to work on your car in Christchurch. Our garage is equipped with all the facilities required for WoFs, auto electrical and mechanical repairs and general servicing. Our friendly and experienced team will welcome cars, small trucks and utes of all makes and models.

Prevent costly automotive repairs with a six-monthly safety check

Currently all vehicles that are registered on or after 1 January 2000 are required to have a new WOF every 12 months. However, the mechanics at JT Automotive know that within 12 months a lot of things can go wrong. The NZ Transport Agency gives a great example… while your tyres may pass your WOF, you need to replace them once the tread gets to the minimum depth.

Waiting until your next inspection in 12 months decreases your vehicle’s safety so JT Automotive recommends a safety check every six months to ensure problems are spotted early and potentially saving you money in costly repairs and fines for defective vehicles.

As a responsible driver, it is your job to ensure your vehicle meets the WOF standard. During the six-monthly safety check, the mechanics at JT Automotive will check for multiple factors including the undercarriage, tyres and lights to ensure your vehicle really is safe to drive on the roads.

About Us
About Us

JT Automotive encourages open communication and actively listens to customers

The most common feedback the Christchurch mechanics at JT Automotive receive is that customers feel confident dealing with us. All our mechanics are here to explain what is wrong with your car in plain English and avoid using jargon you might not understand.

Transparency is important and you are provided with a free quote, clearly stipulating parts and labour, so that you can make an informed decision. At all times you are kept in the loop about your vehicle, with additional mechanical and electrical repairs only undertaken with your permission. Our mechanics look forward to meeting you.

There are many garages to choose from around the city but customers choose JT Automotive because:

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