Lighting Repair in Christchurch

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Does your car require Lighting Repair in Christchurch? Is your car's lighting damaged and you seek to fix it? JT Automotive is your one stop destination for everything related to cars.

Why do You Need Car Lighting Repair?

For the following reasons your vehicle will require a Lighting Repair in Christchurch

If your car’s front or rear lights don’t work then you will be in great danger, not only legally but also for obvious safety reasons. You need to immediately go for a Car Lighting Repair in Christchurch. A loose wire on your vehicle can cause a lot of troubles, including a possibility of the passengers receiving an electric shock. If you find a loose wire on your vehicle, go for a Vehicle Lighting Repair in Christchurch.

Corrosion can cause a car’s bulbs to break down. Go for a Car Lighting Repair in Christchurch if you have broken bulbs in your car. A switch failing to work on a vehicle is never a good thing. Go for a Vehicle Lighting Repair in Christchurch if you see a failed switch.

Our Services

At JT Automotive, we provide the best Car Lighting Repair in Christchurch. Our trained mechanics will repair and replace all the broken lighting parts of your car and ensure that the illumination stays on.

JT Automotive not only ensures a successful Lighting Repair in Christchurch but also provides a thorough inspection of the entire car and if there seems to be a problem, we will inform you and provide you with a free quote, saving you from costly repairs in future.


About Us

JT Automotive is based in Riccarton and has a busy garage which is home to regular customers from Sockburn, Sydenham, Ilam and Hornby. We provide an experienced set of hands to work on your car in Christchurch. Our garage is equipped with all the facilities required for WoFs, auto electrical and mechanical repairs and general servicing. Our friendly and experienced team will welcome cars, small trucks and utes of all makes and models.