Pre Purchase Car Inspection in Christchurch

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Do you want a trusted and experienced pair of eyes to ensure your new car is as efficient as the dealer says it is? Are you looking for a Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection in Christchurch? JT Automotive is the perfect place for you.

Why do you need a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection?

However much you think you can trust your dealer, it is highly suggested that you have a trained pair of unbiased eyes inspect your car before you write that check. The list of things to inspect about your new car is long and therefore a Pre Purchase Car Inspection in Christchurch is really helpful. The things to scrutinize are…

  • The body of the car
  • The electrical components in the car
  • Signs leading to leakage and battery issues.
  • Any weird noises
  • The engine
  • The brakes
  • The tires
  • Legal documents

Our Services

So many things to scrutinize and verify can be arduous for you so we are here to help. JT Automotive is the best Christchurch Pre Purchase Car Inspection service provider. We will perform the following checks for your car…

In our Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection in Christchurch we examine the exterior of the car, possibly in broad daylight for any scratch. If the paint job has any discrepancy or scuff then the body was repainted. Through Christchurch Pre Purchase Car Inspection we will ensure that all the electrical systems in the car such as the indicators, the music system or the power windows are working accurately.

We will check around the battery terminal to make sure that there is no sign of wear and tear, so that no leakage or battery issues show up later. During our Christchurch Pre Purchase Car Inspection we check if the car is making any unexplained noise. Unexplained noises could signify issues with the suspension. Our Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection in Christchurch includes a thorough engine check of the car. If the engine is making a knocking sound or emitting smoke it means there will be trouble with it.

Our Christchurch Pre Purchase Car Inspection includes aggressive tests of the brakes since your life depends on the brakes. We check to see if the condition of the tires are good and safe enough for the road. We also verify the legal and official documents of the car so that you don’t face any legal issues later.


Why will you choose JT Automotive in Christchurch?

These are the reasons you should choose JT Automotive over other garages in Christchurch.

Qualified Team

Our qualified team has five mechanics, all committed to providing you with the best service.

We provide Answers

Our mechanics will entertain all your queries and will answer them to your best understanding so that you feel comfortable working with us.

Our Infrastructure is Adequate

JT Automotive has garage facilities that are quite spacious along with five separate working areas. This ensures there is no want of space for your Pre Purchase Car Inspection in Christchurch.

We are Punctual

Our mechanics provide conveniently prompt time for the repairs and the services and they provide the work within the stipulated time.

Delivery Services

Our customers can avail the advantage of our local pick-up and drop-off services and three courtesy cars.

We give Warranty

You will receive MTA Dealer Warranty from us as JT Automotive is a member of the New Zealand Motor Trade Association (MTA).

Total Availability

We are available at times. Being open 6 days a week, you can book for your Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection in Christchurch conveniently.

Easy Booking

Booking for your vehicle in JT Automotive is extremely easy as you can either ring or fill up the online form to contact us.

We give a Free Quote

Transparency is the key to our business. We will offer you an absolute free quote after considering the parts and labour. This will help you to make an informed decision.