Puncture Repair Services in Christchurch

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Is your car feeling wobbly and shuddery all of a sudden? Do you have difficulty and are you looking for Puncture Repair Services in Christchurch? JT Automotive is the perfect option for you.

How do you know There is a Puncture in Your Tyre?

The following signs from your car will tell you that you need a Puncture Repair Services in Christchurch

If you feel difficulty while steering your car then your tyre(s) must be deflating slowly. It means it has suffered a slow puncture and you need Puncture Repair in Christchurch.

If your vehicle is snaking towards the left 9r right of the road, go for Puncture Repair in Christchurch.

Christchurch Puncture Repair Services will prevent your car from wobbling and swaying side to side. If you hear a clicking sound as your tyre touches the road, it could mean there’s a nail in it. Go for a Puncture Repair in Christchurch.

Our Services

Our trained mechanics at JT Automotive will render the best Puncture Repair Services in Christchurch. They will diagnose the position of the puncture on the tyre and fix it immediately with state of the art technology.

JT Automotive not only ensures a successful Christchurch Puncture Repair Services but also provides a thorough inspection of the entire car and if there seems to be a problem, we will inform you and provide you with an absolutely free quote, saving you from costly repairs in future.


About Us

JT Automotive is based in Riccarton and has a busy garage which is home to regular customers from Sockburn, Sydenham, Ilam and Hornby. We provide an experienced set of hands to work on your car in Christchurch. Our garage is equipped with all the facilities required for WoFs, auto electrical and mechanical repairs and general servicing. Our friendly and experienced team will welcome cars, small trucks and utes of all makes and models.